Rush, New York GOP


Jillian was born in Rush and returned to purchase a home with her husband, Justin, four years ago. Jillian received a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in strategic management and marketing from the State University of Albany. For the past eight years she has worked for Windstream Communications as a Senior Account Manager where she is responsible for fostering and developing new business relationships between Windstream and the Upstate New York business community with a suite of IT services. Jillian served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and was appointed to the Town Board in January of 2015. She is currently the liaison to the Planning Board and Board of Fire Commissioners. In addition, Jillian’s community involvement includes participation in the Wilmont Cancer Center Planting Seeds of Hope, and as an ambassador and supporter for Untapped Shores.  Jillian was elected to the Town Board in 2015.

Jillian can be reached at 303-8088 or